T4T Gr 4 C1 Task- Recycling Campaign

This task is from Tools 4 NC Teachers. It includes samples of student work to help with assessment and to help anticipate student responses. This is remixable.

Download: recyclingcampaigntask-md4.docx

Task Preview 

As a part of a school-wide recycling campaign, Ms. Floyd’s students collected data on the amount of paper each classroom recycled in a month.  Based on the line plot:

1)    How many classes participated in the campaign? (21)

2)    How many classes recycled more than 9 kilograms of paper? (11)

3)    How many classes recycled less than 8 kilograms of paper? (4)

4)    What is the total amount of paper that was recycled? (196 kilograms)

Extension question:

What other information about the recycling campaign can be learned from the line plot? (Answers will vary.)

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