T4T Gr 4 C1 Task- Seasonal Help

This task is from Tools 4 NC Teachers.  Given a table of data students will create a bar graph and then analyze and interpret the data by answering questions. This is remixable.

Download: seasonalhelpatthewrightbrothersmemorialtask-md4.docx

Task Preview

The National Park Service is creating their yearly budget.  They want to hire extra employees during peak season to help with the additional tourists coming to visit the Wright Brothers’ Memorial.  They are using 2016’s park attendance data to help guide their decisions.  Create a bar graph to help the rangers make their decisions.
<chart with data available when file is downloaded>

Part 1:  Students will use graph paper to create a bar graph that displays the data.  They will need to include a title and labels for the x-axis and y-axis. 

In this task, students will have to determine several things: 

·       Will the graph exhibit data vertically (with months on the x-axis and attendance on the    y-axis) or horizontally (with months on the y-axis and attendance on the y-axis)? 

·       What is the best scale (5,000?  10, 000?  15,000?) 

·       Should the data be rounded for ease of figuring?  

Part 2:  Students will analyze the data by responding the following questions:

1.  In which month did the park have the fewest visitors? (February)

2.  Which month had the most visitors? (July)

3.  Which season showed the fewest visitors? Why do you think so? (Winter, because it is colder and the exhibits are outside.)

4.  In which 3 months should the park hire additional employees to handle larger crowds? (June, July and August) Why do you think there are so many more visitors during this time? (It is summer time.  It is warmer outside and kids are out of school.  Many families go on vacation in the summer.)

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