T4T Take it Away

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Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Add and subtract within 20.

Analyze addition and subtraction equations within 20.


NC.1.OA.6 Add and subtract, within 20, using strategies such as:

• Counting on

• Making ten

• Decomposing a number leading to a ten

• Using the relationship between addition and subtraction

• Using a number line

• Creating equivalent but simpler or known sums

NC 1.OA.8 Determine the unknown whole number in an addition or subtraction equation involving three whole numbers.


SF, cubes or counters, pencil


Provide materials to the student.  Read problem aloud:  Solve the following equation using two different strategies.  14 – 9 =  ?



Continuum of Understanding

Not Yet Proficient

●   Incorrectly solves the problem and does not have strategies that lead to a correct answer


Strategies Used:

q  Trial and Error

q  Counting All

q  Counting On

q  Makes Tens

q  Basic Facts

q  Creates easier or known sums

q  Doubles

q  Doubles +/- 1, 2

q  Other:





●   Correctly solves the equation using two different strategies, but uses counting all as a strategy


Meets Expectations

●   Correctly solves the equation using two different strategies that do not include counting all


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