T4T Gr 5 C2 Task- Moving Parentheses- 2 Tasks

These two tasks are from Tools 4 NC Teachers. Students explore how the inclusion and location of parentheses influences the value of it. This includes 4 symbols (operations) to ensure that the rigor of the Standard is addressed. This is remixable. 

Download: moving-parenthesesII-oa2_mYJNrSU.docx

Download: moving-parentheses-oa2_lqUIsrr.docx

Task Preview

Consider the expression: 54 ÷ 6 - 3 x 2 + 1


Part 1:

Put parentheses in the following places and evaluate each expression.

a)     Around 54 ÷ 6

b)    Around 6 - 3

c)     Around 3 x 2

d)    Around 2 + 1


Part 2:

Consider the values of each expression above. How do the parentheses change the value of each expression?


Part 3:

Are some expressions the same regardless of the location of the parentheses? Why is this the case? 

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