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U.S. History II weekly video
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Within U.S. History II, I encoutnered two issuesOne: how to assist students in developing connections between past events and today's world.Two, how to present hsitorical content to studnets while teaching another specific disipline.So, I developed a graphic organizer for each decade of the 20th Century that fosucses on not necessarily  "dry" historical content, but instead on more culturally impacting events on American lives, using videos from www.history.com.  Students were provided with the graphic organizer packet and the video segment was loaded onto the library computer, (so that I could be working with students in U.S. History I at the same time in another location).Students would review the video segment, usually not focusing on a specifiic historical eventcovered in class, but more about American culture during the time period being reviewed, such as (in)famous individuals, physical items such as toys used in the time period/decade, news events and occurrences such as sporting activities, etcStudents would then need to analyze an audio/visual lesson on a partiuclar subject, but also to formulate a connection between that subject and the world today.

American History
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Nathan Rutko
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