Reading Informational Text, Social Studies
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Lesson Plan
Upper Primary
3, 4
  • Almanac
  • Informational Text (ELA)
  • Skimming
  • Table of Contents
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    National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020--What is a Table of Contents?

    National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020--What is a Table of Contents?


    Students enjoy using the almanac and it is a great way to teach social studies and information skills like how to interpret a table or graph as well as ELA skills like how to scan for information. 

    Activator: Explore the Kids Almanac

    Randomly call on various students to share their interesting fact. Write down the general topics of the facts and remark on how the almanac seems to cover a wide variety of topics.

    Take 5 minutes to look through the copies of the World Almanac for Kids. Find an interesting fact that you would like to share with the class.

    Scan the Table of Contents

    Point out the Table of Contents of a book lists the topics of the book in page number order. Point out the Headings, highlighted in the different colors, and the sub-headings. Ask the students how scanning the subheadings can help them find information quickly?

    Now take 5 minutes to scan the table of Contents at the beginning of the book. Look at the Headings and the Sub-headings.


    Have students use whatever devices you have available. Whether you do individual or team answers will depend on your resources. 

    Kahoot: Almanac 2020 TOC Quiz

    Use the Table of Contents to help your team answer these questions.


    Thumbs Up/Down Statements:

    The almanac covers a wide variety of topics.

    The almanac is good for learning in depth information about one topic.

    The almanac should be read from cover to cover.

    The Table of Contents list what is in the book in page number order.

    Show your teacher Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to let them know what you've learned about the almanac today.