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    GEDB Explore the World Through Art: Google Doodle Design Contest (Lesson 4 of 5)

    GEDB Explore the World Through Art: Google Doodle Design Contest (Lesson 4 of 5)


    Students are going to be redesigning the google logo to represent their country through the use of symbols, landmarks, colors, etc. This lesson was developed by Danielle Gaimari as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.            

    Lesson Plan


    Students are going to be redesigning the google logo to represent their country through the use of symbols, landmarks, colors, etc.

    Learning Targets and Criteria for Success

    • Students will explore the history of their foreign country.
    • Students will analyze the effects of logos and symbols by researching their country’s iconic images.
    • Students will analyze their cultures culture and compare it to American culture.
    • Students will discuss, understand, and implement art elements (line, color, shape, texture) and design principles (balance, emphasis). 


    • Website:
    • Colored Pencil 
    • Regular Pencils 
    • Erasers 
    • Final 8 x 10 paper 
    • Sketchbooks for students to create their thumbnails in 
    • Laptops for students to research ideas (optional)

    Learning Tasks and Practice

    Day 1: Introduction to Google Doodle Contest Project

    • Students will look over previous Google designs and discuss the different themes and characteristics of the images they convey. 
    • Students will be provided with the following link of Google designs to provide inspiration:  
    • The teacher will hold a class discussion about how their cultures differ from those in America.   
      • What are the similarities?
      • What are the differences? 
      • What different symbols can help show cultures around the world?
    • Students will begin brainstorming their country's symbols, landmarks, etc. to help represent the Google letters into different images. 
      • Teacher should inform students to also brainstorm their background for their logo and think about what colors they are going to use throughout their whole piece. 


    Day Two: Brainstorming and Researching Day

    • Students will continue researching their country and start creating 4 thumbnails sketches to show the teacher. 
      • Teacher informs the students to color their thumbnail sketches. 


    Days Three and Four: Studio Day

    • After students have their thumbnail sketches approved by the teacher, students will begin on their final paper.  
    • Teacher informs students that they are in charge of the full creativity of creating the Google letters, no template will be given. 


    Day Five: Last Studio Day

    • This is the last working day for students, them their project is due at the end of the class along with the reflection questions.
    • Teacher allows students to walk around the room and vote for the top five winning designs on a separate sheet of paper. 

    Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Learning

    Students will be assessed using a checklist and grading rubric to see evidence of learning (See attachment in the lesson plan called Google Doodle Design Contest Checklist and Grading Rubric).

    Extended Learning Opportunities

    Students will continue becoming experts in their country by creating a unit of study to extend their knowledge.  The next project students will complete will help put all their discoveries from the past lessons into one.  The teacher will be there to answer questions, show teacher made examples, and guide them step by step throughout each step of the unit.

    Teacher Reflection of Learning

    My students continue to surprise me with their overwhelming excitment for redesigning the Google logo.  They thought the idea was creative, unique and they embraced the new challenge.  Their ideas were great, which made me extend the lesson one day to have the students present their logos to the class. My students enjoyed voting for the top 5 most creative logos and handing out art awards when I mentioned the winners. The class really enjoyed this project and I have since then participated in many different Google Doodle Contest with my class.