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Research the Country – students will become more familiarized with their global region of study by researching a country in North America. This lesson was developed by Tia Gilliam as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.            
English Language Arts
Upper Primary
Grade 5
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Pethrine Thompson on May 19, 08:29pm

The objectives of the lesson were clearly stated to students. The lesson was engaging where the teacher model and guide students how to conduct research & to make use of relevant information provided to summarize and evaluate. The teacher also allowed students to conduct their own research through collaboration & also made information accessible by using hyperlinks, text books & rubrics. This made it easy for students to make their own summary. I also liked that the teacher did self reflection & student reflection. This allowed the teacher to use these data to identify varying abilities & to provide extra support through differentiated activities. The teacher also recognized barriers in the environment where not all student may have access to the internet so textbooks were also available.

KAREN NOTESTINE on May 11, 07:06pm

This lesson provides teacher modeling and the gradual release to students using the I do , we do , you do model. Students are able to use a variety of resources online and books. Students collaborate with partner during research. Teacher provides list of topics students are required to research. The produce is a sheet of researched facts. Could students have produced a video or podcast to present their research?

Taylor Brotherton on May 07, 12:52pm

I recently just moved from an area that did not have access to internet. Research projects require the internet. I think it would be fair to offer ample amount of time in class for the research portion of the project for those who don't have access to the internet.

Latasha Johnson on Apr 28, 04:52am

I like the design of the gradual release in this lesson and the ways students will be involved in taking ownership in their research and learning.

Keydra Cypress
on Apr 27, 10:40am Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This resource allows students to draw information from multiple print or digital sources. It also provides multiple educational websites that are easily accessible.

Lashawn McCoy on Apr 27, 10:16am

I Love this resource. It provides great websites and the resources are accessibible to all learners. Thw writing piece will be key for my students . This will allow learners to grow in this area of great defeciets.

JENNIE EVERETT on Apr 20, 07:47pm

This website offers key websites to view. It allows to gather the information from print to digital sources. It provides a list of sources to use. Students can build their knowledge through the investigation of the different aspects of the topic. It allows the information to be integrated through writing or speaking.
Since it uses key websites it allows the students to easily filter so they will not be over distracted or overwhelm when doing their research.

Joanna Schimizzi
on Apr 19, 08:04pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This resource offers some key websites that can be used to access the research, which is a good way to help filter for students who may be easily distracted or overwhelmed.

Student products are focused on a written format, so it could be remixed to add a variety of ways that students could represent their learning in case students would benefit from talking about the country (making a tour guide podcast?)

KATHLEEN RUTAN on Dec 16, 05:49pm

*I am an elementary school media coordinator and I appreciate that this lesson has been created. Many of our 5th graders have some confusion about our region.
*Full integration of one or more information literacy strategies with subject content.
*Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added.
*Strengths: Prior knowledge is activated and used as a catalyst for new knowledge. Technology is used for student exploration, organization, and/or creativity.
*Opportunities: Provide more opportunities for reflecting, sharing, and advancing ideas through offering and receiving feedback.

BEVERLY LITKE on Dec 06, 08:34pm

I'm a K-5 SLMC
*Full integration of one or more information literacy strategies with subject content
*Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added to include Soc. Studies and ELA content
*Strengths: Very thorough compilation of activities and resources. Good mix of online and print resources. Group work and interaction with peers.
*Opportunities: Give students a choice on presentation format--technology, Maker project, oral presentation, dramatic, etc.



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