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    Education Standards

    Digital Genre Posters


    Students will use their knowledge of genres of literature to create posters for disply in the library or classroom to use as a reference.

    Genre Study

    Introduce genres with discussion: What is a genre of literature? Can you name some? 

    Break students into groups of 2-3 students. Assign each group a genre of literature to learn about and create a digital poster for display.

    Possible genres to use: Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humorous Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Adventure, Graphic Novel, Horror/Scary, Mystery, Myth, Tall Tale, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography

    Have students conduct research about their assigned genre. What are some characteristics of this genre? What are some titles and/or authors that represent this genre? Students should also create a definition/description of this genre in their own words.

    Conduct research on the literary genre you have been assigned with your partners.

    Definition of your genre in your own words: 


    Characteristics of this genre:


    Some titles/authors in this genre:


    Digital Posters

    Using the information they have found, student groups will create a digital poster to represent their genre. These can then be printed and put on display in the library/classroom to help others know the characteristics and some titles of a variety of genres of literature.

    Students may use PicCollage app, Google Drawings, Google Slides, or any other available program to create their posters. Posters should include both text (especially their definitions) and images.

    *Depending on student familiarity with programs being used, an introductory lesson to these may be needed. 

    *As an option, this could be a poster contest. If more than one group has the same genre, there could be judges to choose the best one from each genre to put on display. 

    Now that you know all about your genre, it's time to create a poster we can display in the library/classroom!

    Using an iPad or computer, you will create a digital poster about your genre. Be sure to include your definition in your own words and some titles that belong in this genre. Include both text and pictures in your poster. 

    You may use PicCollage, Google Drawings, or Google Slides to create your poster. Feel free to use different colors, fonts, etc. to make it visually appealing. However, it should also be easy to read so that people can use these in the classroom/library.