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 This graphic organizer can be used with any informational text to determine the author’s point of view.  Students will use this graphic organizer to determine the topic of a text, the author’s point of view of a text, provide supporting details, and state their own opinion of a text.  This could be used with a tech tool where students can draw or type directly on the document (Nearpod, Peardeck, Seesaw, Etc.)
English Language Arts
Upper Primary
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Formative Assessment
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Donna Meehan
on May 31, 01:03pm Evaluation

Purpose: Strong (2)

From the lens of digital learning standards this resource has a valuable technology feature that gives an example of how to utilize the document digitally, but needs to include the digital format to enhance content and instruction.

Donna Meehan
on May 31, 01:03pm Evaluation

Reliability: Superior (3)

This resource is reliable on all platforms.

Donna Meehan
on May 31, 01:03pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This resource can be modified for learner with cognitive (and/or developmental, physical) disabilities by providing the the text with the graphic organizer.

Donna Meehan
on May 31, 01:03pm Evaluation

Motivation: Superior (3)

The resource promotes creativity because it has students articulate their own perspective or point of view.

ASHLEA JOHNSON on Feb 03, 07:52am

A good resource for comparing author's POV vs. personal POV, but would require teacher modeling and guidance to complete. Suggestions include forming a rubric of expected student responses and differentiating layout for multiple types of learners.



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