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    Arithmetic Sequences- Explicit Form Millionaire Maker Game

    Arithmetic Sequences- Explicit Form Millionaire Maker Game


    Solve a series of arithmetic sequences in this Millionaire Maker game. 

    Play the Millionaire Maker interactive button


    About the Activity

    This activity is very similar to the Who Want's to Be a Millionaire Game. In this activity, students are presented with a series of arithmetic sequences that they must solve. If they are able to answer all the questions correctly then they will win a million dollars. Three different hints are built into the activity. If students miss a questions after they have used all three hints, they will be allowed to continue answering questions but will not be able to earn a million dollars. 



    Al the arithmetic sequences have been added using plain text rather than as images. Screen reading technology should be able to pick up on most items in this game. An assistant may need to help students who are visually impaired with navigating the game. 

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