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    Clouds with Attitudes Remixed with 3D Printing #NCDLS

    Clouds with Attitudes Remixed with 3D Printing #NCDLS


    Students will select and research a cloud type, draw their cloud and create an svg file of their drawing for 3D printing, and create a narrative as if they are that type of cloud.  Student products can be used to create a classroom Cloud Center designed for independent student use.  This task is intended to engage students in developing and demonstrating their knowledge of cloud types.  This resource does not completely cover 5.E.1.2.

    Clouds with Attitudes Author - RHONDA BURGESS

    Cloud Types and Display Stands Author - devansic

    Cloud Creation and Narrative

    Activity Summary

    -Each student will select one cloud type to research and create.  Cloud types can be found at :

    - Each student will answer five questions related to their selected cloud type and record the answers on an index card.  Information can be found here:

    1) Cloud Type

    2) Height - Is your cloud type found low, middle, high, or mixed height in the atmosphere?

    3) Color - What color is your cloud?

    4) Shape - What shape is your cloud?

    5) Weather - Does your cloud produce precipitation?

    - Each student will draw their selected cloud formation.  Areas of cloud to be printed must be completely colored with a dark color.

    -Drawings will be photographed and converted to SVG files (

    -SVG files will be imported into Tinkercad ( (free teacher account required, individual student accounts must be created). 

    -Cloud formations and bases (SVG files provided) will be printed using a 3D printer.

    -Students will become their cloud.  

    Yes, you are now a cloud!  How would your attitude be if you were a cumulus cloud for a day?  What would you do if you were a cirrus cloud?  A cumulonimbus cloud?  Would you do happy things, or would your day be full of destruction?  The sky is the limit, so let your imagination fly! (Detailed instructions for creating the cloud narration are attached by RHONDA BURGESS - Clouds with Attitudes - 11/02/2019).

    -Printed bases, printed clouds, index cards, and student cloud narrations can be used to create an independent Cloud Center in the classroom.  Students at the center will demonstrated their understanding of the attributes of each cloud type by matching bases, cloud heights, cloud types, index cards, and narrations.

    Detailed instructions (Cloud Types and Display Stands) are attached and available at by devansic August 01, 2016