Reading Literature, Speaking and Listening
Material Type:
Formative Assessment, Interactive, Presentation, Vocabulary
Middle School
6, 7, 8
  • Analizing Poetry
  • Langston Hughes
  • Lincoln
  • Omission
  • Poem
  • Poetry
  • Slavery and Freedom
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    Education Standards

    Remix Langston Hughes' "Lincoln Monument: Washington"


    Lesson covers several kinds of figurative language, especially omission.

    This lesson on Hughes' "Lincoln Monument: Washington" is not designed for individual student tasks.

    This is designed as a whole cass instruction and interaction.

    All of this lesson is in the resources posted at the beginning.


    Students will be guided in choosing an image from their own life that is meaningful.

    Teacher will show an image that is meaningful to them and model using at least two poetic elements from the poem that illustrate the teacher's experience with the image.

    Teacher will explain that students are going to write their own poems utilizing the poetic devices taught in the Langston Hughes poem. 

    Students will be allowed to either work independently or collaboratively with a partner to write a poem including all of the poetic devices that were identified in the Langston Hughes poem.

    Students will then post their poems and images to a class Weebly (Blog) so that they can read, critique, and help one another improve their poems.

    Additional instructional time may be given so that students can take a virtual gallery walk to help their peers improve their poems.