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ELA - Career Research Introduction: Narrowing Your Topic

ELA - Career Research Introduction: Narrowing Your Topic



This is a 1 day introduction to a career investigations research project for standard level students. It involves using digital tools to reflect and link personal interests and strengths to possible career paths. 

Instructor Directions


Name of Project: Career Research Introduction: Narrowing Your Topic


Project Description

Name of ProjectCareer Research Introduction: Finding Your Topic
Subject AreaEnglish
Targeted StandardsSL.11-12.5
Driving Question / Problem / ActivatorHow can I use online tools to investigate my strengths, weaknesses, and interests in order to research a possible career path?
Project SummaryThis is a 1 day introduction to a career investigations research project for standard level students. It involves using digital tools to reflect and link personal interests and strengths to possible career paths.
Estimated Time90 minutes
Materials / Resources (including link to slideshow if available)Students will need access to:
  • iPad/Chromebook for online search
  • Account with Book Creator app (however, Google slides could be utilized)
  • Students will be familiar with prior to this lesson.
Lesson Directions:
  • Students will respond to personal reflection questions; these questions are bulleted in the slideshow. Their responses will be recorded in a digital journal using They may integrate images as well as text to respond to the prompts. We have already discussed space, use of color, images, and text, etc. as relevant to visual layout appeal.
To students... In today’s activity you will be exploring two online career planning resources as an introductory activity to our career investigations unit. You will use our subscription to to record your findings in a digital journal.
  • Complete the online Holland Code Career Test at:
  • Once students complete the test, they should identify the top three scores in order from highest to lowest score from their interest chart and record in the Book Creator digital journal already started.
  • Match the top three scores from their test with their RAISEC match using the chart in the slideshow.
  • Review their career options as recommended by their Holland Code results. They pick three that they would want to explore in the future. Jot these three selections down. We’ll come back to them.
  • From here students will use their Holland Code selections to search one of the largest databases in the country: O-Net OnLine, a wealth of information on just about every career you can think of in the USA. At the top of the linked page, students will  insert their  top three RAISEC matches. When they do this, a list of career matches will appear at the bottom of the screen. Discuss (option for small group or pair/share) and compare this list to the suggestions made by their Holland Code results. Using the links in ONet, spend some time investigating options that overlap and/or are of most interest.
  • Return to the students’ digital journals in Book Creator. Record the recommendations you were given by digital resources. Then record your reactions to the following questions:
  • How does the information you received after completing the Holland Online Career Assessment Inventory and the O*Net activity compare to your initial thoughts about your career goals? Be specific.
  • Do you agree with the online assessment results? Why or why not?
  • To what degree were these digital tools helpful in directing you to career exploration?
  • What career are you most interested in investigating and why?
  • The directions above are included in the  Google Slides directions for students.
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Project Outline 

AskHow can I use online resources to explore my career options?
ImagineWhat career do you see yourself doing in ten years?
PlanBrainstorm a list of your strengths and interests that could impact your future. Locate images of careers that excite you.
CreateUse the Holland Code Career Test online and O*Net OnLine to discover the link between your interests and  your career options. Record your findings and reactions in a creative digital journal using
ImproveEdit your digital journal for grammatical errors and visual appeal.
Closure / Student ReflectionsStudents share digital journals in small group discussions.
Possible Modifications / ExtensionsStudents with similar results could be grouped together in future lessons to generate specific career research questions.

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