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    Cause and Effect Remote Learning Lesson

    Cause and Effect Remote Learning Lesson


    This lesson encourages parents and teachers to collaborate with first grade students to learn about cause and effect in a remote learning setting.

    Cause and Effect


    1st grade lesson on Cause and Effect


    Thank you for joining us in the lesson about cause and effect. I am always excited to work with you to support your child.


    1     Please have your child listen to the Brain Pop Jr. video on cause and effect.  

    username:___________ password:_____________

    2   Then, have your child read the assigned books in RAZ KidsMixing Colors and Mezclando colores.        

     Listen to the book first, then read it, and answer the questions. The book is available in English and Spanish.

     username: __________ password: ___________

    3  Ask your child,  “What happens when two colors mix?” Encourage him or her to complete the sentence “If _____, then_____.” For example, “If I mix red and blue, then I create purple.” Try mixing colors with crayons, markers, or paint to see what happens.

    4 You can explain how cause and effect happen everyday. Your son or daughter can talk to you about cause and effect while helping cook dinner, cleaning the house, or brushing teeth.

    5 Next, have him or her watch the lesson video and example in Seesaw

    Your child can draw a picture of a cause and another picture of an effect that he or she experienced this week. Please help your  child create a short video in Seesaw with the 2 pictures. He or she can show and explain the pictures by writing and recording “If___, then___.”

    6 We will meet on Zoom this week to share the drawings and talk about cause and effect together in Spanish and English on Thursday at 6:00 pm or Friday morning at 11:00 am.


    I hope you and your family have a wonderful week together learning about cause and effect. Please contact me by phone, text, or email if I can help you in any way with the lesson or anything else. It is important that we work together as a team to support each other.