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This activity takes place after students have had the opportunity to learn strategies such as using place value, decomposing into tens, commutative property, using concrete models, or strategies they come up with on their own to add two numbers together. Students should work in small groups of three or four. Before this activity, students may make a list of strategies they know for adding numbers or they may identify a list already posted in the classroom. Place three or four sets of 0-9 number tiles (digit-cards) in a bag. The first student draws 4 number tiles and uses them to create a 2-digit plus 2-digit addition problem. All students in the group use models, pencil and paper, or whiteboards to solve the problem using a strategy. Taking turns, each student has the opportunity to convince others that the strategy chosen is the best or most efficient for the problem. This lesson was developed by NCDPI as part of the Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted Instructional Resources Project. This lesson plan has been vetted at the state level for standards alignment, AIG focus, and content accuracy.
English Language Arts, Mathematics
Lower Primary
Grade 2
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