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Lower Primary
  • 1st Grade Science
  • Kindergarten Science
  • Living Things
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    Animal Needs Research Project for K/1

    Animal Needs Research Project for K/1


    This Animal Needs research project helps early elementary students explore animal needs around a specific animal. The project provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate speaking/listening skills, organize and present information, and write informative texts at a developmentally appropriate level. 

    It can be completed in a variety of ways with multiple final products: posters, sculptures (playdoh/air-dry clay), oral presentations (in class or on video), and/or research papers. Students can ask and answer questions following presentations. 

    Students may work independently or in pairs/small groups at school or complete the project at home using books, magazines, and internet resources. 

    Focus on local animals, native species, invasive species, or leave the choice completely open to students' interests. 

    Kindergarten First Grade Science

    Animals need a few basic things to live. Learn more about what different types of animals need by exploring with videos, books, and internet sites!