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    Education Standards

    6-8 CTE: Entrepreneurship Podcasting

    6-8 CTE:  Entrepreneurship Podcasting


    Student groups will have the opportunity to share the knowledge they develop about the entrepreneurial process and business leadership through the creation of a periodic Podcast.

    Instructor Directions

    Engineering Design Process

    Entrepreneurship Podcasting

    Driving Question / ScenarioHow can I create a Podcast to demonstrate and share knowledge of Entrepreneurship and Leadership?
    Project SummaryStudent groups will have the opportunity to share the knowledge they develop about the entrepreneurial process and business leadership through the creation of a periodic Podcast.
    Estimated TimeEach Podcast should take approximately 45 minutes to prepare and receive feedback and 45 minutes to produce, edit, and publish. Podcasts will be published approximately biweekly during the semester.
    Materials / ResourcesStudents will need a microphone for recording, their Podcast outline and script, an iPad or Chromebook as a recording device, and software for editing and publishing.A list of possible topics for Podcasts can be found here.Team Member Roles can be found here.Podcasts are to be recorded as a means of sharing knowledge regarding the steps of the entrepreneurial process, as well as the documents that support it. Individual lessons use information found in Warren Buffett’s How to Start Your Very First Business as well as students’ own participation in the NCMS school-based business.
    • 1.01 Understand the purpose and the functions of business
    • 3.01 Recall personal characteristics and skills needed for a successful entrepreneur
    • 3.02 Understand entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process
    • 3.03 Understand the procedures and requirements for starting a business
    • 5.01 Understand appropriate business etiquette and business communication
    • 5.02 Understand ethics and ethical decision making
    • 7.01 Understand leadership
    • 7.02 Understand team building
    • W.8.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content.
    Project Outline
    AskWhat are the ingredients for a good, informative podcast?
    ImagineStudents will brainstorm various formats of presenting their information, such as humorous, interview, newscast, etc. and will also brainstorm the Top 5  points that they wish to include in their Podcast. The team will decide on the format that their Podcast will take, as well as the Top 5.
    PlanStudents will outline their Podcast using their Top 5. They will gather the information needed to write their script. Teams will then write their complete script for their Podcast and submit it for approval. Students may use this outline  template for planning or make up their own,
    CreateTeams will utilize their completed script and record their Podcast. They will preview the recording for any necessary edits, and share the Podcast with another team for feedback.
    ImproveTeams will perform necessary edits and publish their Podcasts.
    Closure / Student ReflectionsTeams will serve as the “test run” audience for each other’s Podcasts and will provide constructive feedback. A feedback form for teachers and students can be found here. Student teams should use the feedback to reflect and improve their future Podcasts.
    Possible Modifications / ExtensionsModifications may include allowing students to perform a speech on entrepreneurship and leadership topics, or to write an essay instead of requiring the full Podcast process.Extensions may include having students utilize the same process for Podcasts to be applied to creating a vlog about entrepreneurship and leadership. Students could use Touchcast to create their vlog entries.


    Pre and Post Lesson Assessment Questions:

    1. What is Entrepreneurship?
    2. What is Business Leadership?
    3. What makes an effective Podcast?

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