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English as a Second Language, English Language Arts, Social Studies, World Languages
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    5 Pictures & 15 Words

    5 Pictures & 15 Words


    In this activity, students will use 5 pictures and 15 words of their choice to respond to a prompt of the teacher's choosing.  

    Use as needed .

    You can use any five pictures/images that you choose.  We used images from that did not require attribution but we encourage attirbution as part of being a good digital citizen.


    1. Each group will use pictures and words to complete the assigned task (on next slide).
    2. Each group will be given 5 random pictures to use.  You must use ALL 5 pictures.
    3. Pictures may be resized to meet the needs of the group.
    4. You can use any 15 words that you like.  You can use less than 15 words but NO more than 15 words (no symbols).
    5. You may use as many marks of punctuation as you wish.


    Make a forced copy of the Google Slides.