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5th Grade NBT Choice Board

5th Grade NBT Choice Board


This choice board will work best after teaching all of the NBT standards as it includes choices for multiplying whole numbers, dividing whole numbers, adding and subtracting decimals, and dividing decimals. 

The attached file is a choice board I used after teaching all of the NBT standards in 5th grade. When you click on the choice board it should force you to make a copy, so please feel free to edit each assignment any way you see fit for your classroom! Here I am providing a little more detail on each assignment, starting with the top left box. 

1. Brush Ninja allows the students to practice their multi-digit multiplication. Students should then email you a copy of their products. 

2. Study Jams focuses on place value of decimals. Students record their score in the google doc. 

3. Division Practice - This choice will take students to a mathaids worksheet to complete division problems. Students can choose which problems they would like to work out. 

4. Restaurant Totals - Students will go to the Applebee's website to choose foods to order. I suggest possibly taking screenshots of the menu and providing students with them so they can't add items to the cart and have the work done for them. 

5. Must Do! - This assignment can be anything you want ALL your students to complete. I included a Jamboard, but it can be whatever assignment you choose! 

6. Subtracting Decimals Soccer Game - Students will work with a partner on subtracting decimals. 

7. Word Problems - I gave my students a worksheet from our core curriculum (NC Ready) containing word problems on multiplying and dividing whole numbers. I allowed the students to choose which problems they wanted to complete. 

8. Proof! - This game focuses on mental math skills. It can easily be replaced with any math game you may have. 

9. Thinking Map - If you district does not use thinking maps, I suggest swapping this option out for something the students can completely think of and create themselves. You could do a flipgrid or a screencastify of the students demonstrating their knowledge.