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In this lesson, students read a folktale. The teacher models the thinking and work required to recount the story and determine the lesson.  Students create story maps of the text that show the major events and the lesson in the text.
Reading Literature
Lower Primary
Grade 2
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Meredith Morales on Dec 06, 12:18pm

I am a K-5 Instructional Coach and have previously been a literacy specialist for K-5. I have worked heavily with this standard. This lesson has partial alignment to the standard, as this lesson addresses recounting 1 story and culture in the instructional teacher directed portion, and this should be considered as part of a unit that would address the entire standard with multiple texts from multiple cultures, as well as include fables and folktales. It does have clear learning objectives, but need clarifying in order to fully meet students' understand the differences in types of text/genres, as well as development of story over the whole text. There would need to be multiple opportunities for students to first retell all parts of the story, then determine critical details, then move to determining the lesson, as all of those individual skills need concrete understanding before moving to the next part. There are clear assessments in this plan that will accurately measure all parts of the standard, but not fully assess understanding of all components. Strengths - building of vocabulary and use of graphic organizer. Opportunities - separate the lessons so that students can fully develop understanding of how to determine lesson over the course of the story, including character feelings, character change, and why.



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