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This activity is designed as a project-based learning activity. It allows students to collaborate, requires them to comprehend what they have read and engages them in critical thinking. This activity can be adjusted to fit the needs and grade levels of your students.
English Language Arts
Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School, High School
Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Lesson Plan
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MARGARET KELLEY on Jun 01, 12:33pm

This resource has no technology features, and could be enhanced by such resources.
This resource is reliable on all platforms.
This resource can be modified for learners with cognitive disabilities by adapting resources; including read-alouds, and mapping through technology.
This resource promotes critical thinking and collaboration because it includes activities to engage students to work with each other in small groups.
This resource has been made user-friendly for teachers by its outline, distinct concepts, and alignment to the curriculum.

ROBBIN BRILEY on Dec 08, 01:17pm

As a middle school science teacher, I have used breakout/escape room activities as a review and also as an unit assessment. After reading through this lesson and looking specifically at the standards aligned
Alignment to Standards- Full alignment to depth and breadth of standards tagged. The standards tagged are for the Extended Standards and perfect for a separate setting/self contained classroom.
Evidence of Learning Objectives- Since I am familiar with breakout/escape room PBL's I could very easily follow along with the lesson plan. However, I would suggest some definite learning objectives as to what you are expecting the students to be able to do in this assessment.
Evidence of Assessment Strategies- based upon the standards included with this resource, this comes across as an assessment piece for this classroom. Depending upon students ability levels adjustments can be made with more detailed tasks.
Is the Resource Aligned with High Quality PBL Criteria? This particular resource allows for Collaboration and Reflection
Strengths and Opportunities: This resource allows for a high level of collaboration and reflection with students. It also allows for plenty of readjustment room to add to the tasks within the breakout.

Gwendolyn Ennis on Dec 08, 11:54am

As a Social Studies teacher, I have used Breakout as a review for curriculum at the end of each unit. I can see using this resource as a stepping off point if you are developing your own Breakout. As a stand alone lesson, this resource needs more information.
Limited alignment to standards.
Learning objectives could be added by individual teachers according to the topic they choose to focus the activity around.
No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment
This resource has great potential. To make this a true PBL project it would be best to have students create their own breakout after completing one made by the teacher. This would allow for student choice and for collaboration.

PAULA MCLAMB on Dec 06, 01:57pm

Breakout activities are great for student engagement with content material as well as for collaboration with peers. When I did breakout activities students loved them and begged to do more. When I read this breakout resource, I was confused. I was unsure what book the clues went with.

*Alignment to NC Standards: Limited alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s) tagged

*Evidence of Learning Objectives: No learning objectives have been indicated in the resource, although this is an easy fix.

*Evidence of Assessment Strategies: No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment

*Strengths and Opportunities per the High Quality PBL criteria:
This resource presents a great opportunity for student engagement with content as well as collaboration with peers. However, it does not meet the high quality PBL criteria as referenced in the High Quality PBL rubric. The activity is challenging. Perhaps, a reflection and public product could be added.

Katie Johnson on Dec 02, 02:01pm

I had a teacher reach out a few days ago about building her own breakout on "plot" for high school English. Since I have built a couple Breakouts myself, I can see the outline of this breakout and I think this could help get the process started. This lesson supplies the broad idea so that English teachers for all levels could take it and remix it for their needs. Since it is broad, teachers can use this outline to build a breakout for any short story (or picture book) in the classroom.

Melinda Glenn on Dec 01, 06:46pm

I have used Breakouts many times in my teaching career and presented them to staff on a county-wide level. With that experience, I have an idea of what this activity is supposed to be but the directions are not clear. An inexperienced teacher would not understand that they need a specific box with specific types of locks. The book choice is not clear until you are into the activity. this lesson is probably a great one (I love break out activities!) but there needs to be more clear directions for teacher and student.

This resource includes:
*Limited alignment to depth and breadth of standard stated.
*Does not have clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource.
*Does not have clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standards.
*This resource could provide engagement for many different types of learners.
*This resource is not user friendly and easy to follow for teachers.
*The resource needs to be remixed with clarifying instructions added.



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