To do for Webinar 3 (2 actions, No reply required)

by Joanna Schimizzi 4 years, 11 months ago

Action Item One (continued from Webinar Two):

* Make sure that you have saved a resource to the "Check This Out" folder within our group.

* Give it a star-rating.

* Leave a "Comment" to address all five parts of the Review Rubric found HERE


Action Item Two (Contribute to the Platform)

Please contribute a resource to the platform by choosing one from the below list. Upon contribution, please share it to the sub-folder in our group called "Academy One Contributions"

* Remix an existing resource by adding features aligned to the Quality Checklist.

* Share an activity that you have made that you feel meets aspects of the Quality Checklist.

* Create a template to help others author materials that align to the Quality Checklist