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Theme and Main Idea Unit Plan

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Students will learn the difference between theme and main idea; when to use them and with which genre. Students will be able to determine the central message by refering to the text as a basis for the answers. By understanding themes, students will be able to compare and contrast themes within and between stories.

Material Type: Unit of Study

Author: Donald Morton

4.G Finding Lines of Symmetry

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This is a task from the Illustrative Mathematics website that is one part of a complete illustration of the standard to which it is aligned. Each task has at least one solution and some commentary that addresses important asects of the task and its potential use. Here are the first few lines of the commentary for this task: Each shape below has a line of symmetry. Draw a line of symmetry for each shape. Not every shape has an line of symmetry. Which of the four shapes belo...

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Illustrative Mathematics