4th Grade: Social Studies

Jay Starts a Business

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Jay's interactive adventure allows students to choose their own adventure as they walk through the process of starting their own business. Through videos, interactive elements and classroom activities, Jay Starts a Business helps introduce students to entrepreneurship and related economic and financial concepts. NOTE: You must right-click "Launch Jay Starts a Business" and choose "Open link in a new tab" to access the interactive resource.

Material Type: Interactive

Timeless Tea in Celebration of North Carolina Women

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Students will examine women's roles in the making of North Carolina. Students will be assigned a woman who has lived and or worked in North Carolina at some point throughout history and made a contribution to our state and or the nation. Students will research their assigned person, explore her life experiences, challenges, and successes, then represent this woman while attending a "Timeless Tea in Celebration of North Carolina Women."

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Carolina K12