6th Grade: Social Studies

4.4: Standard 6.18 Lesson

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This online lesson explains the polytheistic religion of ancient Egypt with respect to beliefs about death, the afterlife, mummification, and the role of different deities. How each level of society had beliefs of what would be waiting for them after death is also discussed.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Karen Lawson

Following the Great Wall of China

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Upon completion of this lesson students will become more familiar with Chinese geography by mapping the path of the wall. They will also explain the construction of the Great Wall as a product of the period in which it was built and discuss in brief the dynasty- the Ming Dynasty- during which major construction on the wall was completed. Students will then identify reasons for the dedication of significant resources to the construction of the wall and discuss in brief China's neighbors to the north, in particular the Mongols and Manchus.

Material Type: Lesson Plan