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Action ABCs: Learning Vocabulary with Words

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Students can work together to brainstorm and create lists of verbs for each of the letters of the alphabet in this interactive activity. Then, choosing one verb for each letter, or letters of their choice, they can create pages for an Action Alphabet book. Each page includes an illustration and a sentence using the verb in context or students can create a chart with all of the verbs listed.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Interactive, Lesson Plan

Author: Iron Monkey Interactive/Melissa Weimer

Do You Have?

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In this assessment students will play a game with a partner. The game is similar to Go Fish and the object is to make ten with two number cards. Students will be prompted to use their ten frame to help them solve the problem. The cards will need to be prepared, however the directions for playing the game, a rubric, and an assessment checklist are provided.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Hawaii State Department of Education