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Against Their Will: North Carolina's Eugenics Program & In re Moore

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Students will learn about North Carolina's little known eugenics program, as well as explore the constitutionality of state mandated sterilization by reviewing the NC Supreme Court case, In re Moore. Stidents will culminate this lesson by making recommendations on how the state should make amends for the program's past controversial actions, as well as examine actual consolation recoomendations recently made by the North Carolina's General Assembly.

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Author: Carolina K12

Fire Science and Technology Model

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A fire fighter is an emergency safety professional who responds to fire scenes to extinguish fires and assist fire victims. Many fire fighters are certified first responders, meaning they can assist victims by providing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and other basic life saving techniques. This course provides students with an introduction in the history of fire fighting, basic firefighting skills, personnel rules and regulations, professional organizations and standards, elementary fire behavior, fire control techniques, firefighting tactics and strategy, fire ground safety and operations, apparatus and equipment operation and maintenance, fire investigation, report writing, wild land training, and physical fitness.

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