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Saving Strawberry Farm

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Students learn that saving is essential to economic well-being, especially in times of extreme economic downturn. They read Saving Strawberry Farm, a story about a Depression-era family attempting to save a neighbor's farm by waging a penny auction. Students hear about the lack of goods and services available and the high rate of joblessness during this terrible time. They simulate a bank run to see how even those with savings were affected. Finally, they learn that savings are safe in banks today.

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Author: Barbara Flowers

Culture Everywhere

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Objectives In their study of culture in this lesson, students will use a chart to: show the different ways that cultures meet basic human needs; and recognize that archaeologists study how people from past cultures met basic needs by analyzing and interpreting the artifacts and sites that they left behind. Many of the archeology finds reveal artistic expressions from the Native Americans such as the reference to shell jewelry and the capes woven from turkey feathers.

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Author: UNC-Chapel Hill

Interactive Constitution

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Specific text excerpts in this interactive version of the Constitution of the United States of America are highlighted and are active links to additional online resources that provide students with information and interpretation of the text.

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Library of Congress - Pathways: Thomas Jefferson Lesson Module

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In this lesson, students will actively learn about Thomas Jefferson and the role he played in American History. They will be using primary resources from the Library of Congress such as images, documents, and articles. While working through this lesson, the students will learn the impact that Thomas Jefferson had on the United States. They will be asked to imagine the experience during this time period and also to relate the information to the present day United States.

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