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Theme Poems: Writing Extraordinary Poems About Ordinary Objects

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In this lesson, students write theme poems using their content knowledge and sensory awareness of a familiar object. Students first learn about the characteristics and format of a theme poem. They then engage in an online interactive activity in which they select a graphic of a familiar object (e.g., the sun, a heart, a balloon), build a word bank of content area and sensory words related to the object, and write poems within the shape of the object. Finished poems are printed and displayed in class.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Janet Beyersdorfer

4.G The Geometry of Letters

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This is a task from the Illustrative Mathematics website that is one part of a complete illustration of the standard to which it is aligned. Each task has at least one solution and some commentary that addresses important asects of the task and its potential use. Here are the first few lines of the commentary for this task: Letters can be thought of as geometric figures. How many line segments are needed to make the letter A? How many angles are there? Are they acute, obtu...

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Illustrative Mathematics