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This lesson is from Tools4NCTeachers. In this lesson, students solve problems involving fractions and use various models to compare fractions. Students focus on the importance of using the same whole when comparing. This is remixable.
Upper Primary
Grade 4
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Shannon Curry on Dec 02, 09:57am

I enjoy that there is a presentation that goes along with the task. It helps brings the task to life and makes it more meaningful. I like that the math is engrossed in a real-world context, to help students to see that math is all around us!

Alignment to NC Math Standards: Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s) tagged. The different strategies (bullets) should be discussed in part three.

Evidence of Learning Objectives: Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through the completion of this resource. (listed in the lesson plan, not in the slides)

Evidence of Learning: Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standard.

Evidence of Assessment Strategies: Has clear assessment strategies that will
accurately measure student progress of the specified standards, but needs additional summative strategies.

Strengths: Instructional purpose and alignment with associated NC curricular standard(s) are explicitly stated or easily inferred. All content and performance expectations in the identified standard(s) are completely addressed and are the sole focus of the resource.

Students are actively engaged in an instructional task that promotes critical thinking, collaboration,
communication, and/or creativity. The task is appropriate given the age and ability of the targeted learner.

Opportunities: Student samples of different strategies so teachers know what they should be discussing in part 3 of the lesson plan.



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