Please see attached Google Doc for instructions on using Google My Maps to create digital, collaborative maps.
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Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 06:56am Evaluation

NC.DLCT.DCI.1: Superior (3)

The great thing about Google My Maps is that students can create their map icons and place whatever they want within that icon, pics, words even links.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 06:56am Evaluation

Purpose: Superior (3)

This resource has valuable technology features that include the users ability to manipulate the final product to what they want it to look like.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 06:56am Evaluation

Reliability: Superior (3)

This resource is reliable on all platforms thus creating equity and the ability to work at school and home.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 06:56am Evaluation

Accessibility: Superior (3)

This resource can be modified for learners with cognitive (and/or developmental, physical) disabilities by making it group work, using the zoom capability on computers and being able to be used on multiple platforms.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 06:56am Evaluation

Engagement: Superior (3)

This resource promotes critical thinking (and/or communication, collaboration, creativity), because it includes the ability to be group work and the ability to dive deeper into the subject to enhance content and instruction.

MITCHELL OWENS on Dec 08, 08:50pm

I am a civics and economics teacher. I appreciate the clear directions on how to use google maps. I could have googled this and learned how to do it.

Standards have been given on this page, not on the resource. No documentation of any learning objectives or why this could be used. This is not a PBL when considering the 7 step gold standard. No authenticity, student choice, collaboration, or final presentation observable. No assessment strategies are evident.

Strengths: The instructions are clear for the activity but it is not high quality PBL.

Opportunities: This is a starter point of something you may be able to do within a PBL in which the students are studying their home state and what it's history or culture is, or if the students were studying their heritage.

PAULA MCLAMB on Dec 08, 06:24pm

*Alignment to NC Standards: Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s) tagged

*Evidence of Learning Objectives: No learning objectives have been indicated in the resource

*Evidence of Assessment Strategies: No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment

*Strengths and Opportunities per the High Quality PBL criteria: As a stand-alone resource, this is not a high quality PBL. However, I could see it used within a lesson as the public product or part of a public product. For example, students may have to map out a family vacation adding stops for activities, where to stay the night, etc. and then consult with family members about the plan created. Lots of potential with this resource.

JULIE CARSON on Oct 22, 09:29am

This is a good resource with great pictures, step by step instructions.



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