A list of tips for content teachers with beginning English learners in their classroom.
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Classroom Tips for Content Area Teachers of Newcomers
English as a Second Language
Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School, High School
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MARIEL GOMEZ DE LA TORRE on Oct 13, 08:32pm

It was a very helpful list for content areas teachers. I might include example in some of the case or website. Thank you for sharing it.

Heather Froning on Apr 07, 01:00pm

Very helpful resource for teachers who are modifying assignments for their Newcomer or beginner ELs.

STACEY BARTOLUCCI on Apr 06, 01:31pm

This resource will be helpful as a Special Education Teacher as well with my students.

Shanique Johnson on Mar 24, 12:30pm

As a Special Education Teacher, this is very helpful. This is a resource that I can share with my team members in my department and use this for my own lessons. I also, love how it focuses on different learning styles.

Cindy Edmundson on Mar 23, 07:59pm

Very helpful resource to use with newcomer ELL students.

DANIELLA ROBINSON on Mar 23, 07:39pm

Thank you for sharing this resource, I will definitely use it with my teachers!

Anne McKinney on Feb 24, 07:37am

As the Media Coordinator in a high school with many English Language Learners, this is very helpful! I will use it for my own lessons and share with others as well. I like the clear format.

Tara Moyer on Nov 23, 02:44pm

* I am an ESL teacher and I really appreciated how you clearly laid out appropriate strategies for success with a newcomer student.
* It is fully aligned too standard NCES.ELD.SIL.10.3.
* Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource.
* Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standards.
* The resources ensures newcomers access to their curriculum through proven strategies and allows students to manage themselves.
* An opportunity would be to show how this looks in a given lesson.



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