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This resource is a template that teachers can use to create Inquiry Based Research Lessons and Units. It is a hyperdoc template that is based on the eWISE Research Model. It is broken into the 4 stages of the research model (Wonder, Investigate, Synthesize and Express). There are suggestions and details in each stage to help you plan your research unit.

Feel free to copy the google doc and create your own research project.
Composition and Rhetoric, Educational Technology
Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School, High School, Community College / Lower Division
Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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KATHLEEN RUTAN on Dec 14, 04:55pm

*I am an elementary school librarian and I really appreciate the work put into this template.
*Full integration of one or more information literacy strategies with subject content.
*Collaboration between SLMC and teachers can be added.
* This method is easy to follow.
*Strengths: This template can be used across multiple grade levels. It is easy enough to follow.
*Opportunities: This is a great tool for the SLMC and teacher to collaborate.

CAROL MCFADDEN on Dec 08, 04:27pm

This resource is a research model. It refers to the model as a hyperdoc although contains no hyperlinks which could be confusing to those not familiar with hyperdocs.
*literacy strategies with subject content are inferred as it involves research on topic to answer an essential question.
*Collaboration between teacher and SLMC can be added
*This resource is just a general outline of a research design
*More information on the eWISE research model would make this resource more complete

Tiffany Williams on Dec 07, 04:51pm

As a former elementary and middle school SLMC, I can appreciate the adaptability of this template to fit kids of many levels.

Full integration of one or more information literacy strategies with research

Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added

Strengths: this resource helps students to organize their research questions and thoughts.

This resource incorporates student reflection and critical thinking skills.

Jennifer Parks on Dec 06, 09:55am

*I am a middle school librarian and I really appreciate the simplicity and concise nature of this research model. My district had adopted the Big6, which I sometimes find unnecessarily repetitive. I also like that there is an evaluation piece for each stage rather than having it in its own "box" at the end of the template.
*Partial integration of one or more information literacy strategies by giving students the research questions and resources.
*Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added. There is no explicit note referring the educator to collaborate with the school librarian.
*This template is an excellent place to start and has the potential to be an interactive resource for students once it is customized for a specific project. It is visually appealing and gives the educator a great reference to make sure all elements of the research process are addressed.
*This resource would be improved by guiding teachers to more links or resources explaining the eWISE model. and to resources explaining how to create an engaging hyperdoc. An example of a research project using this template would also be really helpful.

Kelli Pendergrass on Dec 06, 08:55am

-This template is user-friendly and allows for teacher/SLMC collaboration at varying grade levels.
-There is full alignment to the depth and breadth of the teacher standards that are tagged.
-It has clear teacher learning objectives that are achieved through the completion of this resource.
-The resource is easy to understand and use, and can be readily transferred to different educational environments and learning sequences.
-Students will be engaged in an activity that promotes critical thinking.

Angela Causby on Dec 04, 07:05am

As a SLMC, I feel this template would be a great asset when collaborating with teachers on research.
*The research method aligns with information literacy skills and could easily be adjusted depending on the grade and level of students.
*This document while it does not explicitly list a collaboration between teacher and SLMC, can assist in facilitating an in depth collaboration between the two.
*This research method is easy to follow and allows for flexibility and ease when collaborating with a teacher.
*The research method builds in an opportunity for reflection and evaluation.

VANESSA LAIL on Dec 03, 12:16pm

As a middle school SLMC, I see a great potential for collaboration using this model as a framework for research in any subject area. The model is simple, easy to understand, and easily applied to any research topic. The document can quickly be edited to create a template for any project, and it provides excellent direction for the educator. It would be helpful if an example of a completed template had been included. The model easily aligns with information skills standards and Bloom's. This is an excellent opportunity for SLMC/teacher collaboration.

Dawn Simpson on Dec 02, 01:59pm

I am a school librarian and like the infographic for the model with the evaluate in the center. Nice simplicity.

Michelle Green on Dec 01, 11:23am

As a proponent for writing, this is a great tool that can help outline the process for students.
In depth collaboration between SLMC & teacher is achievable through completion of this resource
Strength: This tool can help struggling writers to focus on material/content. This template can lend itself across the grade levels.
Opportunities: The Media Specialist can help with integrating media terms within to help support both curricula. This would be a great tool for non ELA teachers to use to help integrate a paper within their curricula.

AMANDA JACOBS on Nov 30, 10:43am

I am an elementary media coordinator and see several opportunities for collaboration using this research model.
*Full integration of one or more information literacy strategies with subject content
*In depth collaboration between SLMC & teacher is achievable through completion of this resource
*Student choice and problem solving are employed through design, tinkering, testing, and redesign
*The main essential question can be shared with the media coordinator so he/she can has resources pulled and ready for students to go through and decide what to use



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