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TONYA GRISETTE on Apr 08, 11:30am

Is a link being emailed to us for the second webinar?

TONYA GRISETTE on Apr 08, 11:28am

Cannot find the discussion boards. Think the first webinar went too quickly through these directives.

REGINA NOWLING on Apr 06, 01:05pm

I went and signed in like I would for PowerSchool. Do I do the same thing before I go to the webinar on Wednesday. I tried to join the group but I was not in the cloud yet. I could see what you were doing but I could not do anything.

Kathryn Shupe on Nov 20, 12:51pm

Hi all,
Thanks for asking the great questions. I, too, am indeed learning how to navigate this site.

AMANDA VERNON on Nov 19, 07:40am

Can someone give clarity on where to find the discussion boards?

MELISSA LORD on Nov 18, 08:45pm

I'm totally confused! Where are the discussions boards? Is this it and if so, how are we posting?

BETHANY MATKINS on Nov 18, 02:16pm

I am having the same problem.

MARYKATE HOLDEN on Nov 18, 01:48pm

I was able to join a hub quickly and complete the evaluation of the first webinar. Since so many are having problems it's not easy to havea discussion.

Katharina Smith on Nov 18, 06:56am

I am also having the same problem as Paula Baker described below. I am unable to complete my two tasks because of this.

Marie Zwick on Nov 17, 07:45pm

I have been having trouble with the link to join a hub. It finally took the request tonight when I submitted. How long will it be before I can participate in discussions?



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