3rd Grade Problem of The Day

This is a day by day plan for 1 week of Problem of the Day work for students. This work can be completed individually, with a partner, or small group. Students should use taught Math skills in order to solve the problems. Students should also be able to explain/verbalize their thinking after completing the problems.  Teachers can choose to collect and evaluate student responses. 


Lauren walks to school in 7 minutes. It takes Melanie 3 times longer to walk to school. How long does it take Melanie to walk to school?

Simon has been practicing for a band concert for the past 3 days. The LEAST amount of time he practiced one day was 16 minutes, and the greatest amount of time he practiced was 28 minutes. What is a reasonable total amount of time he practiced over the 3 days? Explain your thinking. 


Julius collects baseball cards. He collected: 116 baseball cards in May, 125 baseball cards in June, and 176 baseball cards in July. Rounded to the nearest ten, how many more cards were collected in July than June?

On Monday, Lana walked from her house 6 blocks to school, 5 blocks to the library, 2 blocks to the post office, and then took the same path home. How many blocks did Lana walk altogether?


Chris has 9 packs of toy cars in each bag. Each pack has 10 cars. He has 5 bags. How many toy cars does Chris have in all?

There were 823 people attending a baseball game after 37 people left. How many people were at the game before the people left?


On Sunday, 456 people visited a zoo, 119 visited on Monday, and 239 visited on Tuesday. Rounded to the nearest ten, how many more people visited on Sunday than Tuesday?

Miguel is having a pizza party. The weights of several pizzas stacked in boxes on a counter are shown in the chart. 

Chart about Number of Pizzas in a Box and Total Weight
Pizza WeightChart about Number of Pizzas in a Box and Total Weight

Chart about Number of Pizzas in a Box and Total Weight

Which rule BEST describes a way to find the total weight of a stack of pizzas? 

A. Add 6 to the number of pizzas. 

B. Add 18 to the number of pizzas. 

C. Multiply the number of pizzas by 3. 

D. Multiply the number of pizzas by 4.


A farmer planted 5 different types of tomatoes. He planted 40 of each type. How many tomato plants did the farmer plant?

Karl needed 32 ounces of water in a bucket to mix fertilizer for his science project. He had an 8-ounce measuring cup. How many times did he need to fill the 8-ounce measuring cup to get 32 ounces in the bucket? 

Remix of 3rd Grade Problem of the Day

The following are links to videos and other resources for assisting children in solving math word problems.

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