Accommodation key for modified tests

Accommodations Checklist Classroom Assignments  Testing
RA ALL= Read Aloud  
RA/UR= Read Aloud Upon Request  
RA/Self= Read aloud to Self  
 CRA=Computer Read Aloud, Student Controlled  
MIB= Mark in Book  
ET=Extended Time (amount in ______ minutes)  
DTS=Dictation to scribe  
WW= Word to Word Bilingual Dictionary provided  
SEP G=Small Group, Separate Setting for testing/class assignments  
SEP 1/1=One on One, Separate Setting for testing/class assignments  
MTS=Multiple Testing Sessions (breaks amount in minutes or days)  
MTS=Multiple Testing Sessions (# of testing days)  
 LP=Large Print (One items per page)  
  MoD=Modified Assignment (reduced length of assignment,
 number of items adjusted).
 Alt. M=Alternative Materials  

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