T4T Find a Five

Download full lesson and materials:

Download: C2-cc4-find-a-five_dXO2E1x.docx

Lesson Excerpt:


  1. Draw students’ attention to the Find a Five Work Mat. 

  • Ask: What number do you see on this work mat? (five) 

  • Say: Today, five is a very important number.  Partners will play a game where they try to find sets (groups) of five. 

  • Say: Here are some pictures of things that might be in a set of five (show pictures). 

  • Ask: What are some other things that can be in a set, or group, of five? (e.g., fingers, toes, chicken nuggets, pencils, toy cars, dots on a die)

  • Place several Find a Five game cards under the document reader.

    • Say: These are some of the cards we will use with today’s game.  Take a look at these cards.  With a partner, decide which cards show sets of 5.  When you and your partner are ready to share, hold your thumbs to your chest.

    • Briefly decide which cards show sets of five.

  • Explain Directions to Game:

    • Partners place a set of cards face down between them.

    • Each partner takes a work mat.

    • Partners take turns flipping a card and deciding if it has a set of five.  If it does, the partner that flipped the card places it on his/her work mat.  If the card does not have a set of five, the partner puts it aside and his/her turn ends. 

    • The game ends when one partner has collected three sets of five.


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