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In this lesson, students will sort items into groups. They will use
counting to analyze the organized items and answer the question "How many?"
Lower Primary
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LAURA RILEY on May 18, 07:13pm

I appreciate the logical sequence of the lesson.

ROB CLODFELTER on Apr 21, 10:51am

I agree that the lesson was clearly explained and easy to understand. Having easy questions at the beginning allowed the students to be engaged, activate their prior knowledge and prepare to move on to the daily lesson.

Wayne Hardy on Apr 04, 11:37am

Very basic but effective lesson!

Lillian Villines-Bynum on Feb 01, 10:07am

The lesson was explained well and it was easy to understand . Opening with an easy questions made a smooth transition into the assignment

Tammy Jackson on Sep 28, 05:59pm

The lesson was clearly explained! I liked the option to expand on the activity as well.

Carla Jackson on May 17, 12:37pm

i like how questions are asked at the beginning of the lesson. This allows for a review of what the students already know. It builds confidence in the scholars participating in the lesson. The goals set for this lesson were attainable for most students. The concepts that were introduce can show a number goals that students have met and need to learn.

BEVERLY DAVIS on Mar 25, 10:56am

Questions are the beginning were helpful to show students were instruction will go in the lesson. The standards were clearly defined and covered. Remediation and extensions will be useful for the struggling students.

Angella Richards Green on Jan 31, 01:22pm

Starting lesson in this way took pressure off students, therefore more would be willing to participate. Standards were addressed and assessments would assist in identifying students who needed additional support. Good use of questioning to engage students and help them along. Clear learning goals were outlined and were achievable.

Yolanda Gooden-Labran on Dec 08, 01:42pm

K.MD.3 was fully addressed in this activity. I love the extension and remediation activities. This lesson was is very appropriate for Kindergarten. The activity can be remixed to expose students to other concepts/skills as well. It can also be used as a review for those same skills.

Teresa Castellaw on Nov 25, 12:57pm

I found the question starters extremely beneficial to the lesson.
*Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s) tagged.
*Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through the completion of this resource.
*Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standard.
*This resource has strong levels of engagement for students and is purposefully designed for accessibility by all students.



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