T4T Gr 3 C1 Lesson Groups of Things

This lesson is from Tools 4 NC Teachers. It was written with the intent that it would be taught on Day 10 of Cluster 1. 

Download: 3oa1-3oa3-c1-lesson10-groups-of-things.docx

Preview of Activity Sheet 

Draw a picture of each problem. Write an addition equation, a multiplication equation, then solve.


1.           Here are 6 hands.

               There are 5 fingers on each hand.

               There are ______ fingers altogether.

 2.       Here are 8 tricycles.

There are 3 wheels on each tricycle.

There are ______ wheels altogether.



3.       Here are 6 ladybugs.

          Each ladybug has 6 legs.

          There are ______ legs altogether.t

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