T4T Changing Shapes

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Lesson Excerpt:


  1. Use pattern blocks or Tangrams to create a shape on the overhead. 

  2. Encourage students talk about the different shapes that were being used to make the new shape.

  3. Have students use their manipulatives to recreate the shape.  Allow students to talk about how they knew which way to position the blocks.  Encourage them to share if they saw it a different way.

  4. Model this several times with different shapes, having students recreate each shape.

  5. Have students to work in a group or with a partner.  One person in each group is to use his/her shapes to create a new secret shape (use a book or a folder to shield the other students from seeing the shape before it is completed by first student). After unveiling the shape, the other group members are to copy the shape.  Allow each student to have a turn making the shape.

  6. To close this lesson, model one more shape on the overhead.  Have students to do a think-talk-share.  They are to think about how to recreate the shape – allow them to recreate it.  Have them to talk to a neighbor about how they recreated it.  Then allow them to share.  Allow students to come to the overhead and share the different ways that they recreated the shape.


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