T4T Gr 3 C2 Lesson- What do you like?

This lesson is from Tools 4 NC Teachers. It can be remixed. 

Download: 3md3-c2-lesson1-what-do-you-like.docx

This lesson is focused around developing a mathematical community at the beginning of the school year.  While this lesson addresses standard NC.3.MD.3, the primary goal is for students to learn how to work with classmates on activities related to counting and number sense and engage in real-world math situations.

Preview of the Explore Task 

Pair students up and have them talk and come up with their own question with 4 possible choices. If students are stuck you could suggest that they pick one of these topics and come up with their 4 choices:

·       Favorite breakfast food

·       Favorite dinner food

·       Favorite type of cookie

·       Favorite type of ice cream

·       Favorite sport

·       Favorite TV show

·       Favorite board game


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