T4T Gr 5 C1 Task- Room Temperature

This task is from Tools 4 NC Teachers. Students will collect, organize, and record data about temperature. They then create graphs and analyze and interpet data by answering questions. This is remixable.

Download: roomtemperaturetask-5md2-Cluster1.docx

Task Preview

Day 1:  Decide how you will collect, organize and record the data.  You will need to begin on Day 2.

·    When will data collection begin?

·    How often will data be collected?

·    What tools are needed?

·    How will you organize the data that you are collecting and recording?

Day 2:  Record the room temperature as planned on Day 1.   

Day 3:  Represent and analyze the data.

·       Create a line graph to represent the data.  Remember your line graph should have a title, x-axis labels (horizontal), and y-axis labels (vertical).

·       Use your graph to answer the following questions on a sheet of notebook paper:

1.     What do you notice about the data?

2.     What parts of the day are the warmest? What parts of the day are the coolest?

3.     At what times during the day is the room at room temperature? Above room temperature? Below room temperature?  Is there a way you could highlight this on the graph?

4.     How might this information be helpful to members of the classroom? Explain your thinking.

If you collected this same data at a different time of year, do you think the results would be the same?  Why or why not?

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