T4T Gr 1 C1 Task- Henry's Music

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Henry’s Music Dilemma


Henry loves listening to music. He wants to purchase a new app for his phone that allows him to listen to his favorite tunes.  He found an app called Jukebox Jam that charges 25 cents for each hour.  He is not sure if the app will be too expensive or not. Henry decides to create a line graph to show how much it would cost to listen for 2 hours every day for one month.  Create a line graph to show the total amount Henry will have spent on music throughout the month if he uses Jukebox Jam every day.  Remember your line graph should have a title, x-axis labels (horizontal), and y-axis labels (vertical).


Use your graph to answer the following questions:

1.  How much will Henry spend in a month with 30 days?

2.  Henry originally thought it might cost around $12 each month to listen to music using an app.  What is the greatest number of days he can listen to music using Jukebox Jam if he only spends $12 each month?

3.  Another app Music Mania charges a flat fee of $15 dollars each month.  Customers can listen to as much music as they want for that price.  Would you recommend that Henry purchase Music Mania or Jukebox Jam?  Explain your thinking.

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