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Teachers work hard and need to take time to take care of themselves. Here are two weeks of simple activities designed to shift your mental framework and help you respond more skillfully to difficult situations. Taking care of your own mental health helps you create a safe and welcoming environment for your students, and may help keep you from burning out. (Could be adapted for student use.)
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Tomeka Barbour on Feb 26, 08:50am

I think this resource would be beneficial to staff. As educators, often times we become engrossed with the day to day aspects of our job. It is important to take the time to decompress through effective strategies that build upon mental framework. Being of sound mind and body have positive impacts on interactions with a variety of stakeholder and yield more positive outcomes for student achievement.

Jessica Wade on Feb 25, 04:39pm

I am a high school counselor, and I really appreciate this resource. Especially, because it can be used with adults, staff, and students. With adaptations, I can even see this implemented school wide during intervention blocks to teach all students different ways to cope with stress. This directly aligns with NC School Counseling Standard 2: Promoting a respectful environment for diverse students. This resource supports the implementation of a Comprehensive School Counseling program because it can be used wide scale and has the potential to impact a large number of students.

Rebecca Martin on Dec 06, 09:56am

I think this is a marvelous idea. Teachers need to take time to de-stress and regroup.



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