Reading Literature
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Lesson Plan
Lower Primary
  • Fable
  • Lesson
  • Major Events
  • Recount Stories
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    Recounting and Finding the Lesson - Remix

    Recounting and Finding the Lesson - Remix


    In this lesson, students read a folktale. The teacher models the thinking and work required to recount the story and determine the lesson.  Students create story maps of the text that show the major events and the lesson in the text.

    Compare stories

    Have other versions of The Grasshopper and the Ants available for students. These may be print books or digital resources. Have students read or listen to another version of the story (whole group or with partners/small groups if more than one version is available). 

    Once students have read the 2nd version of the story, have them complete the story may with a partner. Is the lesson the same in this version?

    Then students should work together to complete a Venn diagram (or other graphic organizer for comparing and contrasting) to note the similarities and differences between the two versions of the story.

    Read or listen to another version of The Grasshopper and the Ants. Complete the story map for this new version with a partner.

    After reading both version, create a Venn diagram of the two stories to compare how they are alike and how they are different. Are the differences big ones that change the meaning of the story or are they small ones?