Students will use engineering materials to create a topographic map then program Sphero to be a tour guide through the map.
Upper Primary
Grade 3
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Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan
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William Allred on Sep 16, 10:09am

Emphasize correct choice of device to align with K2.CS.01 and 35.CS.01

Emphasize function of computer hardware to align with K2.CS.02 and 35.CS.02

Emphasize correct choice of software to align with K2.CS.03

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

NCES.3.E.2.1: Strong (2)

This lesson is labeled as an activity/lab, however, it is planned as more of a performance task/assessment. Students are not provided information on the standards, but are expected to already understand the standards to be able to perform this task.

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

Focus: Limited (1)

I would relabel the Material Type: As a performance task or assessment since the lesson does not include teaching or providing new information on the standards.

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

Engagement: Superior (3)

There are several ways to collaborate, be creative and think critically with this task.

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

Adequacy: Limited (1)

Additional information including a rubric for students would be useful.

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

Appropriateness: Superior (3)

This lesson addresses different styles of learning and can be adapted to the vocabulary and prior knowledge of students.

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

Clarity: Strong (2)

An example picture of a completed task is provided.

on Feb 10, 10:37am Evaluation

Usability: Strong (2)

Teachers would need some background knowledge of a sphero to implement.



Achieve OER

Average Score (3 Points Possible)
Degree of Alignment2 (1 user)
Focus1 (1 user)
Engagement3 (1 user)
Accuracy2 (1 user)
Adequacy1 (1 user)
Appropriateness3 (1 user)
Purpose3 (1 user)
Reliability3 (1 user)
Accessibility1 (1 user)
Motivation3 (1 user)
Clarity2 (1 user)
Usability2 (1 user)

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