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Pregnancy Support Plan for High School Students

Pregnancy Support Plan for High School Students


There are many ways to support pregnant or parenting students- online courses, hybrid schedules, and partial day schedules are a few examples. However, not every school in every district has access to these options or resources. This pregnancy plan was created for use at Garinger High School in Charlotte, NC.

Per district policy, students who are pregnant must be advised by a counselor of their academic options while planning to participate in school to the fullest extent possible during pregnancy. In addition, pregnant students are allowed 4 weeks out of school following delivery unless additional time is requested by the treating physician. To simplify this process and support students’ academic progress, attendance, and connection to community resources, I created a pregnancy support plan during the 19-20 school year. So far, I have used this plan with 8 students, and it has been a benefit to the student, student services staff, and teachers.

Pregnancy Support Plan

If you serve a population of students with a high rate of pregnancy, you might find this plan useful (with edits, of course). In the 8 plans I have supported this year, I found the following steps helpful.  

  1. Create a referral system for staff to confidentially refer students who are pregnant (I used a google form)
  2. Follow up with individual students to confirm pregnancy and connect student with the school nurse
  3. Contact parent and schedule meeting to review student’s academic progress, discuss options, plans for attendance, and community resources
  4. Potential meeting attendants: teachers, school social worker, school nurse, communities in schools representative for safe journeys, etc.
  5. Things to consider while planning: time of year, final exam schedule, length of absence, how students will complete assignments while out, possible release of information for treating physician, etc.
  6. Make copies of plan to share with meeting attendees.
  7. Notify the attendance secretary once the student delivers along with expected date of return.

The plan is split into two parts. If all of the teachers are available at one meeting, both parts of the plan can be completed at that time. If not, I allow the student to complete part 2 of the plan by connecting with all of their teachers and returning that portion of the plan to me, so that I can make a copy of it.