Carrie Robledo
English Language Arts, STEM
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Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan
Preschool, Lower Primary
K-5 Design Thinking, K-5 Engineering, STEM, k-5-design-thinking, k-5-engineering, k5engineers, stem
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K: Jack and the Beanstalk

K:   Jack and the Beanstalk


Students build a parachute that can travel quickly and safely to the ground.

Instructor Directions


Jack and the Beanstalk

Driving Question / ScenarioCreate a parachute for Jack so he can escape the beanstalk
Project SummaryStudents build a parachute that can travel quickly and safely to the ground.  
Estimated Time1 hour
Materials / ResourcesCoffee FilterPipe CleanersStringLego Person
StandardsRL.K.9 With prompting and support, compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in familiar stories.
Project Outline
AskHow can you build a parachute that will travel quickly to the ground. You can only use only a filter, string, pipe cleaners, and your lego guy.
ImagineConsider the materials available and how they could be utilized to complete this task.
PlanSketch and discuss with partner or group.
CreateTest your plan and create your plan in 20 minutes.Then, we will test them out outside!
ImproveHow can you make it better? What worked?
Closure / Student ReflectionsStudents share their creations and as well as successes and failures throughout the time period.  
Possible Modifications / Extensions