Melissa Gallagher
Science, Earth Science
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Middle School, High School
8, 9
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  • Freshwater
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    Education Standards

    Ecosystems and Water Health in North Carolina


    Students will be completing a tic-tac-toe summary assignment as a formal assessment on the ecosystems found in North Carolina and how water quality effects those ecosystems.

    How to complete the assignment

    Be sure to either have supplies readliy available in class for the students to complete the tasks that they choose, or make sure they know what they will need before beginning to work on the tasks.

    You will be working on a Tic-Tac-Toe Project to demonstrate your understanding on the ecosystems and water health in North Carolina.  You may chose any three activities to complete, but they must be three in-a-row - either across, down or diagonal. You may use any of the resources that you have been given in this unit to help you complete the tasks.  Please make sure that you decide on which three you will be completing before you begin working on the first task.

    Digital Choices to add to the choice board

    What can you do to protect your water basins? Create an info-graph using Venngage that would inform & encourage others to help protect these valuable areas.

    North Carolina has 17 river basins. Use Google Drawing Tools to create an image of North Carolina and label and color each of its river basins a different color. Locate your river basin and use google drawing tools to outline it.

    Make an online concept web that illustrates the following: a) What things positively affect the health and quality of a river? How do they do this? What are the effects of this? b) What things negatively affect the health and quality of a river? How do they do this? What are the effects of this?

    Use the Flippingbook app to create a flip chart in which you define fully and illustrate the following terms: river basin, estuary, watersheds, groundwater, and ecosystem.